Donald Trump is coming. And now?

“He needs to build a wall or a fence, and he’ll have to do it almost immediately,” said Newt Gingrich, the president-elect’s aide.

President – elect of the United States, Donald Trump, takes office on January 20 , but the Americans have begun to speculate about the first actions of the new government. His team is organizing the so-called “First Day Project,” with actions Trump must take in the early hours of his tenure in front of the world’s most powerful nation. “Trump spend hours signing documents and deleting the Obama presidency,” said Stephen Moore, adviser to the president – elect, the magazine New Yorker .

“We want to identify perhaps 25 presidential decrees that Trump could sign on his first day of government.” Trump’s team is looking at several options, but there are some cards on the table that can be considered strong bets for the first day at the White House. With a pennant, Trump can relinquish the Paris Accord that attempts to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. He may also resume construction of the Keystone pipeline, vetoed by his predecessor Barack Obama. It may also discontinue another action by Obama and showcase Democrats: the program for Syrian refugees. There is also the possibility of guiding the Department of Commerce to take Chinese commercial practices forward.

The wall – Such measures, however, are all secondary. Analysts are betting – and Trump himself has already said that – that his first and most shocking measure will be something related to illegal immigration and his project to build the criticized wall on the US border with Mexico. “Anyone who has entered the country illegally is subject to deportation,” he said in Phoenix in August about his actions “in the first hours” after taking office.

During the campaign, Trump emphasized so much the proposal of the wall that many of his voters will feel betrayed if he does not take the project forward. “He needs to build a wall or a fence. And you’re going to have to do it almost immediately, “said Newt Gingrich, a former mayor and adviser to the president-elect. Estimates for the construction of the wall of more than 1,600 kilometers range from 25 to 100 billion dollars (from 82.2 to 329 billion reais). Trump’s willingness to make Mexico pay for the construction of the wall is evidently just a bravado, unfeasible in the real world.

Therefore, among the existing ones, the least expensive option is a steel structure and precast concrete panels of a height between 10 and 15 meters, and deep enough to avoid the construction of tunnels. “There is no ladder that can beat that,” Trump said during the campaign, in a somewhat na├»ve comment. The entire wall, however, will hardly come off the paper. Besides being very unpopular – even among the Republicans – the project is very expensive and of questioned effectiveness. It would be cheaper, and it would be more effective to invest in border patrols, or to encourage the development of northern Mexico to create jobs there and to prevent illegal immigration. Some say the Trump Wall will be reduced to a small, symbolic extension of the federal-funded border fence in 2006 with the support of 26 Democratic senators, including the then-New York State Senator, Hillary Clinton – bitter irony.

The main proposals of Donald Trump

Unlike Clinton, Trump tax plan reduces rates for the entire population, including the richest. The Republican also promises to cut corporate taxes from 35 percent to 15 percent. “My tax cut will be the biggest since Ronald Reagan and I’m very proud of that”

Your plan to reduce unemployment is directly linked to the tax cut, a factor that defines main to create jobs. It does not seek to raise the minimum wage and advocates that States should be free to do so if they wish to do so. On maternity leave, supports paid leave of six weeks only for mothers. “I’m going to be the greatest job-creating president God has ever done. I’ll bring our jobs and our money back ”

with protectionist policies, Trump is opposed to international free trade agreements, such as the Transpacific Treaty (TTP), and wants to renegotiate the American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It also promises an “economic war” against China, which accuses China of engaging in “unfair trade” against the US and manipulating its currency. Therefore, it plans higher tariffs on imports of services and goods of the Asian giant. “When Donald Trump is president, China will note that America is back in the lead in global business and that its years of manipulation and cheating are over”

Trump wants a closer relationship with Russia and has praised President Vladimir Putin, due to criticism from Democrats. He even disagrees that the country is involved in the demise of Democratic emails. He also considers rethinking the role in NATO, which he believes is “costing” the US, and intends to renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran. The Republican agrees with the end of the embargo on Cuba, but says Obama should have negotiated a better deal . “I believe that easing tensions and improving relations with Russia is absolutely possible. Some say the Russians will not be consistent. I want to find out ”

Syria and the Islamic State
Trump proposes increased spending on the army and insists it will not show a detailed plan to combat EI, as this would give the ‘surprise’ element of its strategy to extremists. Among the few plans announced is to bomb oil-controlled oil stations and work on a joint strategy with other countries, including Russia. It is also contrary to receiving more refugees in the US, a proposal from Hillary. “The growth of the IE is a direct result of political decisions made by President Obama and Secretary Clinton”

The main purpose of Trump is building a wall on the border with Mexico, paid by the neighboring country. It also promises a task force to expel illegal immigrants from the country, prioritizing the withdrawal of at least 5 million of the 11 million that live in the United States. It also plans to suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven track record of terrorism. “When Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. They send people who have many problems and bring it with them. They are bringing drugs, crime, they are rapists ”

Arms control
Less restrictions on arms and more quickly in the acquisition process. It is also opposed to banning automatic weapons and wants to abolish free-of-arms areas such as schools and military bases. Trump is also backed by the NRA (National Rifle Association), the most important organization of advocates of the Second Amendment. “I will put criminals behind bars and ensure that law-abiding citizens have the right to self-defense”

Want to ban Obamacare and bring a new solution to the health system, focusing on the principle of free trade private insurance companies. According to Trump, this allows for greater competition, quality and lower prices. “On the first day of the Trump administration, we will ask Congress for a complete repeal of Obamacare”

advocates that abortion should be illegal (except in cases of rape, incest or when the woman’s life is in danger) and that women should be punished for the act. He openly appointed judges to the Supreme Court who follow this line of thought. “I’m pro-life. Originally, I was in favor of the choice, but I evolved “

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