Man changes Hollywood sign to allusion to marijuana

He tied tarps in two letters of the monument, where it happened to read “Hollyweed”. As of today, drug becomes legalized in California

The world famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles , the United States, was vandalized on Saturday night when an unidentified man put pads on part of two letters allude to marijuana.

Around midnight (local time), the individual headed for the hill where the monument stands and turned the word into “Hollyweed.” “Weed” is the English term used for marijuana, which, as of today, is now legalized for sale throughout the state of California.

The details of the act of vandalism have been confirmed to the television station “CBS” by the security company that is responsible for guarding the sign. Los Angeles police are already in possession of the footage from the local security cameras.

The monument was similarly targeted on January 1, 1976, when Danny Finegood wanted to commemorate the entry into force in California of the law decriminalizing marijuana possession.

The measures that take effect this Sunday in the state, and in Nevada, were approved by the voters on November 8. Consumption, possession and sale of cannabis are now released.

In the District of Columbia, where the country’s capital is, and four other states, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska, recreational marijuana use is already legal.


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