Minister says EI wants to attack Britain with chemical weapons

Security Minister Ben Wallace said the terrorist group is studying “large-scale” attacks,

The minister of Britain’s security, Ben Wallace , said the terrorist group Islamic State (EI) aims to carry out attacks on “large scale” with chemical weapons in the country. “The ambition of the EI is to carry out mass attacks. They have no moral restraint to use chemical weapons against the population and, if they can, will do it in our country, “Wallace said the newspaper The Sunday Times.

The minister said, however, that no plan of the type specifically against Great Britain had been verified, but that international reports show that there are cells of the group with the focus of making weapons. In February last year, according to Wallace, Moroccan authorities blocked a cell that produced substances to “make a bomb or a deadly poison.”

Another concern is that the weakening of the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq could make the British who identified and went to fight for the Caliphate in those countries to return to the United Kingdom.

“The big concern is if Mosul collapses and all the other bases of the EI fall. We know that there is a significant number fighting for the EI in Syria. They will probably want to go home, “added Wallace, noting that there are about 800 citizens of the country fighting for the group.

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